Code This Project

An umbrella technology company for many different services. Read below to learn more..

Our Products / Services


Status: Active

A communication web based software that allows users to receive SMS whenever a customer contacts them on a HTML Form located on the clients website. If you feel that this software would benefit you in anyway, you may contact the CEO directly at

Note we fall under the business name of Code This Project LLC.

The Lazy Sea Cow

Status: Active

A private hosting company that works with small business, and non-profit organizations. We provide domain name service, hosting, website transfer, and website advertising.

Note we fall under the business name of Code This Project LLC.

Code This Project Solutions

Status: Closed

Originally Code This Project was a college project, that later turned into a full fledged business. We used to provided on-line tutorials, code examples, and live support to students learning Web, Database, and Computer Programming.

Since that time we have moved on to provide on-line software and hosting services under the names Kno-tify and The lazy Sea Cow. However, both fall under the same LLC.

Harvest Time

Status: In Development

Nursing/Gardening application that informs the user of potential bad weather, average heights, and watering schedules.

This project is still in the works, and will become available to purchase once finished.