Price: $5.00 | Description: -Creates processing script called process_zodiac_feedback.php. -Processes the form submitted with the zodiac_feedback.html from 74584-DP8-1. -Stores the information in the zodiacfeedback table in the chinese_zodiac database. -Creates connection to database called inc_connect.php. -Uses INSERT and VALUE to insert values from form into fields in zodiacfeedback table. -Includes message thanking user for entering…


Price: $3.50 | Description: -Builds upon 74584-DP7-2 -Creates web form containing title, subtitle, and instructions. -Includes form text box to enter sender’s name, text box for message, check box for whether message should be publicly displayed, and Submit button. -Submit button transfers data to processing script called Process_zodiac_feedback.php from 74584-DP8-2. -File is saved as zodiac_feedback.html.


Price: $5.00 | Description: -Creates database chinese_zodiac. -Selects database chinese_zodiac. -Creates table called zodiacsigns. -zodiacsigns has 2 fields: Sign of type VARCHAR(10), President of type VARCHAR(75). -Displays structure of zodiacsigns. -Inserts records to zodiacsigns table for the 12 signs and corresponding president from 74584-DP6-4. -Views all records from zodiacsigns.